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Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers congratulations to the New Year in 2012 National CPPCC National Committee holds a New Year tea party Xi Jinping delivers an important speech


Huangshan 24 hours: 黄山旅游客运中心(高铁客运枢纽)旅游专线班次时刻表 09:56中国邮政储蓄银行股份有限公司黄山分行2019年社会招聘启事 11:49休宁:城市巨变绘就崭新画卷 11:49休宁:名山秀水风景线上圈粉多 11:09燃气安全生产常识告知 09:24中国邮政储蓄银行股份有限公司黄山市分行2020年度校园招聘启事 16:08 【史上最全】全市ETC办理服务点都在这里! 16:55 Huangshan Tourist Passenger Transport Center (High-speed Rail Passenger Terminal) Travel Dedicated Timetable 09:56 China Post Savings Bank Co., Ltd. Huangshan Branch 2019 Social Recruitment Notice 11:49 Xiuning: The Great Changes in the City Draw a New Picture Ning: The famous mountain and beautiful scenery on the circle of online fans 11:09 Common sense of gas safety production notification 09:24 China Post Savings Bank Co., Ltd. Huangshan Branch Campus Recruitment Notice 2020 16:08 Here! 第四届黄山市道德模范评选结果公告 09:36 Announcement of the Results of the Fourth Ethical Model Selection in Huangshan

学习贯彻习近平新时代特色社会主义思想 “不忘初心 牢记使命”主题活动
公示 “美丽中国·聚焦黄山”全国摄... 黄山市广播电视台免考换证公示 Notice notice The eighth round of inspection notice of the sixth session of the Municipal Party Committee publicized "Beautiful China · Focus on Huangshan" national photo ...
Audiovisual Huangshan
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    • 新安江百里大画廊手绘地图上线

      Xin'anjiang Baili Gallery's hand-drawn map goes live

    • 安徽黄山:来一场说走就走的自驾游

      Huangshan, Anhui: a self-driving tour

    • 【影像力】徽州传统技艺之打铁

      [Image power] Traditional Ironwork of Huizhou

    • 杭州都市圈企业在黄投资掀热潮

      Hangzhou metropolitan enterprises set off a wave of investment in Huang

    • 【偏远乡村行】狮峰岭上“百红村”

      [Remote Village Tour] "Baihong Village" on Shifeng Ridge

    • 【文明创建】方炳如:十字路口的平安守护者

      [Civilization Creation] Fang Bingru: Ping ...

    • 安徽黄山:为留守儿童守护一片天空

      Huangshan, Anhui: Guarding the Sky for Left-behind Children

    • 一年只关两天门的村卫生室——记村医姚竞的二三事

      The village clinic that only closes two days a year-remember the village ...

    • 受阅女兵黄山谈“初心”

      The female soldier Huang Shan talked about the "initial heart"

    • 2020年1月5日民生热线

      Livelihood Hotline on January 5, 2020

    • 人大代表报到:怀揣民意 有备而来

      People's Congress Delegate: Huaiyang's Public Opinion Comes Prepared

    • 我市吉祥物“豆豆”昨日正式亮相

      Our city mascot "Doudou" officially debuted yesterday

    • 特效孩子庆新年

      Special effects children celebrate New Year

    • 热线回音

      Hotline echo

    • 安庆商会:畅叙乡情 共谋发展

      Anqing Chamber of Commerce: Nostalgia, Nostalgia, and Common Development

    • 今晨一居民家使用电火桶不慎着火

      A resident's house accidentally caught fire using an electric fire bucket this morning

    • 民生留言板

      People's livelihood message board

    • 会生活第236期

      Life 236

    • 蓝天和白云交际的地方

      A place where the blue sky and white clouds meet

    • 四月不减肥 五月徒伤悲

      May not lose weight in April

    • 一起来赏花呀

      Let's enjoy the flowers together

    • 女人总是缺一件衣服吧

      Women always lack a dress, right?

    • 探秘彩虹滑草

      Quest Rainbow Slipper

    • 你好呀 春天

      Hello spring

    • 亚伦叔叔的魔法课堂—我有两架直升机

      Uncle Aaron's Magic Class-I have two helicopters ...

    • 【小编剧场】黄山喜提太阳背后的故事

      [Xiao Bian Theater] Huang Shan Xi mentions the story behind the sun ...

    • 黄山交广给您拜年啦!

      Happy New Year to you from Huangshan Jiaoguang!

    • 黄山交广农产品扶贫促销第二轮全媒体直播——石门干货

      The second round of Huangshan Jiaotong Agricultural Products Poverty Alleviation Promotion ...

    • 现场直播 | 黄山交广首场农产品扶贫促销全媒体直播“藏溪粉丝”

      Live broadcast | Huangshan Jiaoguang's first agricultural ...

    • 现场直播 | 黄山市第五届创业大赛决赛

      Live Broadcast | The Fifth Huangshan Entrepreneurship Competition ...

    • 现场直播 | 屯溪区庆祝新中国成立70周年歌咏大会

      Live Broadcast | Tunxi District Celebrates the Founding of New China 7 ...

    • 现场直播 | 黄山市庆祝中华人民共和国成立70周年主题电视演讲会

      Live broadcast | Huangshan City celebrates the Chinese people ...

    • 现场直播 | 黄山市庆祝新中国成立70周年群团文艺汇演

      Live Broadcast | Huangshan City Celebrates the Founding of New China 7 ...

    • 现场直播 | 2019年黄山市广场舞三级联赛•展演活动(下)

      Live Broadcast | 2019 Huangshan City Square Dance Three ...

    • 现场直播 | 2019年黄山市广场舞三级联赛•展演活动(上)

      Live Broadcast | 2019 Huangshan City Square Dance Three ...

    • 现场直播 | 第一届黄山发展大会

      Live Broadcast | The First Huangshan Development Conference

    • 屯溪新闻1月3日

      Tunxi News January 3

    • 屯溪新闻1月1日

      Tunxi News January 1

    • 屯溪新闻12月30日

      Tunxi News December 30

    • 洽舍乡:书画爱好者泼墨挥毫献爱心

      Qia She Xiang: Calligraphy and painting enthusiasts show their love

    • 屯溪新闻12月27日

      Tunxi News December 27

    • 屯溪新闻12月25日

      Tunxi News December 25

    • 屯溪新闻12月23日

      Tunxi News December 23

    • 屯溪新闻12月20日

      Tunxi News December 20

    • 屯溪新闻12月18日

      Tunxi News December 18

    • 溪口镇祖源村参加“东滩论坛——长三角地区生态文化与乡村振兴”专题研讨会

      Zuyuan Village of Xikou Town participated in "Dongtan Forum-Chang ...

    • 徽州区密织学生近视防控网

      Myopia prevention and control network for students in Huizhou District

    • 屯溪新闻12月18日

      Tunxi News December 18

    • 屯溪新闻12月16日

      Tunxi News December 16

    • 屯溪新闻12月13日

      Tunxi News December 13

    • 竹山书院满地“金”

      Zhushan College full of "gold"

    • 月潭水库阳干大桥正式通车

      Yuetan Reservoir Yanggan Bridge officially opened to traffic

    • 屯溪新闻12月11日

      Tunxi News December 11

    • 祁门:送戏下乡 文化惠民

      Qimen: Sending Plays to the Country, Culture Benefits People

    • 祁门县深入开展药品领域普法宣传

      Qimen County promotes law promotion in the pharmaceutical field

    • 屯溪新闻12月9日

      Tunxi News December 9

    • 屯溪新闻12月6日

      Tunxi News December 6

    • 屯溪新闻12月4日

      Tunxi News December 4

    • 屯溪新闻12月2日

      Tunxi News December 2

    • 中山社区“代理妈妈” 让留守儿童不孤单

      Zhongshan Community "Acting Mom" Let Left-behind Children ...

    • 屯溪新闻11月29日

      Tunxi News November 29

    • 屯溪新闻11月27日

      Tunxi News November 27

    • 休宁:农业绿色发展迸发新活力

      Xiuning: New vitality in agricultural green development

    • 屯溪新闻11月25日

      Tunxi News November 25

    • 屯溪新闻11月20日

      Tunxi News November 20

    • 屯溪新闻11月22日

      Tunxi News November 22

    • 屯溪区阳湖镇柏山社区:“爱心漂流书屋”让居民共享阅读之乐

      Baishan Community, Yanghu Town, Tunxi District: "Love Drifting ...

    • 溪口镇祖源村:盘活闲置农房 助推乡村旅游

      Zuyuan Village, Xikou Town: Revitalizing idle farmhouses to boost ...

    • 屯溪新闻11月15日

      Tunxi News November 15

    • 屯溪新闻11月13日

      Tunxi News November 13

    • 屯溪新闻11月11日

      Tunxi News November 11

    • 屯溪区新闻11月8日

      Tunxi District News November 8

    • 屯溪新闻11月6日

      Tunxi News November 6

    • 屯溪新闻11月4日

      Tunxi News November 4

    • 屯溪新闻11月1日

      Tunxi News November 1

    • 屯溪新闻10月30日

      Tunxi News October 30

    • 休宁县溪口镇送水抗旱润民心

      Xikou Town, Xiuning County sends water to fight drought

专题 | 壮丽70年 奋斗新时代

Topics | A New Age of Magnificent 70 Years of Struggle

专题 | 火焰蓝一周年

Feature | First Anniversary of Flame Blue

专题 | 学习贯彻党的十九届四中全会精神

Topics | Learning and Implementing the Fourth ...

  • 2019年征兵公益宣传片 《建设世界一流军队》

    2019 conscription ...

  • 2019年征兵公益宣传片 《明日英雄》

    2019 conscription ...

People's livelihood express
  • Why was demolished

  • A small aisle on the fire channel of Lanshan Community on the bank of Tunxi

  • Be treated by the bus

  • Tunxi District Government Building Wall Lights Disturb People

  • Beitou Yishuiou Cover Collapses in Qimen County North Street

  • Is it possible to take Tunxi to Tuo for free with a disability certificate ...

  • Should the residents of this fee garbage costs should ...

  • Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation on January 3, 2020

  • City Natural Resources and Planning on December 25, 2019 ...

  • 2019.12.23 Municipal Transportation Bureau

  • City Market Supervision Bureau on December 20, 2019

  • Civil Affairs Bureau December 17, 2019

  • December 12, 2019 Huangshan Unicom

  • December 10, 2019 Tunxi District Government

  • 2020年1月5日民生热线

    Livelihood Hotline on January 5, 2020

  • 人大代表报到:怀揣民意 有备而来

    People's Congress Delegate: Huaiyang's Public Opinion Comes Prepared

  • 我市吉祥物“豆豆”昨日正式亮相

    Our city mascot "Doudou" officially debuted yesterday

  • 特效孩子庆新年

    Special effects children celebrate New Year

  • 热线回音

    Hotline echo

  • 安庆商会:畅叙乡情 共谋发展

    Anqing Chamber of Commerce: Nostalgia, Nostalgia, and Common Development

Travel world
Huangshan Tourism debuts at Times Square in New York to present the New Year to the world ...

At 18:00 on December 31, 2019, New York time, a series of "New York Times Square New Year Countdown Opening Ceremony 2019-2020" was held in Times Square. At the scene, China's Huangshan made a stunning appearance and presented its New Year wishes to the world.

登高观云海 醉觉黄山奇
Ascend to the heights

Recently, affected by the cold air, a large area of misty landscape appeared in Huangshan Scenic Area of Anhui. The crystal clear haze contrasts with the mountains surrounded by the sea of clouds, and is particularly enchanting, in the middle of it, like entering a fairyland. Xinhuanet (photo by Li Jingang)

Consumption Poverty Helps Agriculture

On January 3, Anju Village, Xinfeng Township, Huangshan District, organized an agricultural product exhibition and festival with the theme of poverty alleviation—Anju Food Festival.

Xiuning County builds a rule of law cultural theme park

Recently, a rule of law cultural theme park located in Xiuning Hengjiang Park was completed and put into use.

information centre

2019年我国事故起数和死亡人数“双下降” Domestic accidents and deaths in China "double decline" in 2019

实践二十号卫星成功定点东方红五号卫星公用平台首飞成功 The domestic practice of the No. 20 satellite successfully designated the first successful launch of the Oriental Red No. 5 satellite public platform

利比亚国民代表大会通过与土耳其断交决定 International Libyan National Congress passes decision to break diplomatic relations with Turkey

以色列黎凡特气田开始采气以总理称电价会更低廉 International Israeli Levant gas field begins gas production, Prime Minister says electricity prices will be cheaper

安徽省教育招生考试院发布艺考提醒 Anhui Province Education Admissions Examination Institute Issues Art Exam Reminders

【2020·我们这样干】铁腕治污,提升生态环境质量 Anhui [2020 · We do it like this] Iron-fist treatment of pollution and improvement of ecological environment quality

市七届人大四次会议举行预备会议 Preparatory meeting of the 4th session of the 7th People's Congress of Huangshan City

路海燕在参加市政协七届三次会议委员分组审议时指出用实际行动展现新时代政协委员新风采 Huang Shan Lu Haiyan pointed out that the new style of CPPCC members in the new era was demonstrated by practical actions when participating in the group discussion of the third session of the CPPCC

徽州区举办2019年统一战线素质提升培训班暨第三期统一战线学习大讲堂 The Party Building Huizhou District holds the 2019 United Front Quality Improvement Training Course and the Third United Front Learning Hall

不能片面理解“高质量发展” Commentary cannot understand one-sidedly "high-quality development"

登高观云海醉觉黄山奇 Chinese and foreign media ascend to watch the sea of clouds drunk Huang Shanqi

黄山市人民代表大会常务委员会公告 Authoritative Huangshan People's Congress Standing Committee Announcement


Central Propaganda Department Posthumously Lu Yonggen "Time ...

传递美好 协同发展 ——世界的邮政 中国的邮政 你我的邮政

Delivering good synergy development ...


Central Meteorological Observatory: Typhoon "White ...


Chinese University of Science and Technology Junior Class intends to admit 48 ...

杭黄高铁开通运营一年来,输送旅客1126.8万人次——黄金线路带来“黄金效益” The tourist assembly number Hangzhou-Huanghuang high-speed rail has been in operation for one year, and has transported 11.268 million passengers-the gold line brings "golden benefits"

秀美皖南有风景更有前景 The tourism assembly number is beautiful and the scenery in southern Anhui is more promising

黄山市平安大妈到市老年公寓开展送综治送温暖慰问宣传活动 Aunt Ping An of Huangshan City went to the elderly apartment in the city to carry out publicity activities to send comprehensive treatment and warm sympathy

休宁县岭南乡开展走访军人家庭悬挂光荣牌活动 Rule of law Xiuning County Lingnan Township visits military families to hang glory cards

肚子大,脑子慢 Healthy belly, slow brain

安徽省教育招生考试院发布艺考提醒 Education Anhui Education Admissions Examination Institute issues art exam reminders

如何跟手机抢时间? How does education compete with mobile phones?

国安冬训首练以恢复为主主帅外援即将到队 Sports Guoan winter training first training to restore the main coach, foreign aid is coming to the team

忠厚人(外一篇) Culture loyalty (outside)

有狗吠的村庄 Village with dog bark culture

邮储银行黄山区支行:演练防抢应急预案保安全 Enterprise Postal Savings Bank Huangshan Sub-branch: Drilling out emergency response plans to ensure safety

房贷利率有变化浮动固定哪个好 There is a change in the real estate mortgage interest rate


Safety I guard • Warm people with gas ...




Dai Jinping: Dogwood

上可顶天 下临深渊 ——赖少其眼中的黄山

Up to the top of the abyss —...

公益广告(2019.6) 公益广告(2019.4) 公益广告(6月) 公益广告(5月)

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